Mayor Brown denies trying to prevent candidate from running for Buffalo School Board seat

Apr 9, 2013

Mayor Byron Brown says he was not trying to prevent a candidate from running against Buffalo developer Carl Paladino for a city school board seat.  WBFO'S Eileen Buckley says Mayor Brown told reporters Sunday's Buffalo News article was "nonsense".

"There was an inaccurate media report that attempted to indicate a conspiracy where none existed," said Mayor Brown.

Brown responded to reporter questions Monday afternoon.
Adrian Harris was contacted by the Mayor last week and offered a Parks department job.  It was a job Harris was interviewed for last October.  Harris was told at the time someone would get back to him.  But he didn't hear anything until last week.  

The Mayor said that's because it was a civil service job...

"Often times a civil service process is a long wait, and there was material that had to be returned by this candidate that wasn't returned until March."  

WBFO News asked Mayor Brown if his relationship with Paladino had to do with the job offer to Harris.

"Not at all. "This has nothing to do with the Buffalo Board of Education.  This is a ridiculous non-issue," said Mayor Brown.  My working with Mr. Paladino on an economic development project, where he is spending $75-million...has nothing to do with the Board of Education."

The Buffalo News reported Monday that Harris has turned down the City Hall offer. 

Harris said the job hours would interfere if elected to board of education.  Tuesday is the deadline for school board candidates to file their signature petitions in order to qualify for the ballot.