Mayor Brown says Paladino should go

Dec 29, 2016

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown wants to see community leaders need to find ways to bring people together. But Brown said Carl Paladino's "terrible comments" about the President and First Lady hurt members of the community. 

Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

"I do think he should do the right thing and resign from the school board," Brown said. 

Brown and Paladino have not spoken to each other about the issue.

"Mr. Paladino himself has indicated that he did not want to hurt members of the community. And I think to begin the process of healing he needs to take the leadership action of resigning from the board," Brown said.

The Mayor points out that what Paladino said has gone far beyond Buffalo. He said people across the nation find Paladino's comments "painful" and "disturbing."  

WBFO News contacted Mr. Paladino by phone on Thursday but he declined to comment.