Mayor Brown says President Elect Obama Understands Urban America

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he and his son, Byron Jr. shared text messages as the Nation's first black President was elected Tuesday night.

Mayor Brown says he believes Obama painted a vision of hope and opportunity for the nation that voters responded to. He says Obama won a tremendous victory. But Brown says while it is an emotional and inspiring time for African Americans, he believes Obama win is far reaching.

One of the young voters he inspired was Brown's son, Byron Jr. The 18-year old is now attending college in North Carolina. This was the first time he was able to vote in a Presidential election. The Mayor says his son voted by absentee ballot in Buffalo.

Brown already invited Obama to Buffalo while he was still on the campaign trail. Brown says Obama told him he would be taking him up on that offer at some point. And just one day after Obama's win, the Mayor says his office already began reaching out to the President-elect. Brown says they sent a congratulatory letters to Obama's Chicago and Washington offices.

The Mayor says Obama understands the many problems of Urban America from his own life experiences and his work as a political leader.

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