McCarley Gardens overhaul plan wins approval

Mar 2, 2017

Residents of McCarley Gardens can rest assured they'll be able to stay in their homes. They were threatened with demolition several years ago - under a proposed expansion of the adjacent Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. But now the housing complex is slated for a major renovation. 

The Buffalo Planning Board has signed off on upgrades for McCarley Gardens. The property - bounded by Michigan Ave., N. Oak St., Goodell St. and Virginia St. - is owned by St. John Baptist Church - which is partnering on the project with Sinatra and Company Real Estate.
"The project is super exciting. Obviously there's a lot going on in that neighborhood," said Amy Nagy, Sinatra's marketing director.

Nagy says renovation plans for the 150 townhome-style units include new flooring, cabinets, appliances, and heating and cooling. And she says, the community will also be more inviting for residents. 

Amy Nagy, Sinatra & Co. Director of Marketing and Finance
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

"When they look around they're going to see an improved facade of the buildings. They're going to see improved landscaping. We're going to create greater cross-connections throughout the project, just to bring the outside in and inside out," Nagy said.

But it won't be shock and awe. She says it will be done in phases.  
"The benefit of this is they are staying in place while the renovation goes on. They're not being displaced. This will remain an affordable housing project. But it will just be better for their experience," Nagy said.  

A mix of public and private funding will cover the $35 million cost of the project. Construction is expected to start in the spring of 2018 and be complete by early 2020.