McCarthy previews November elections

Oct 1, 2013

With Election Day only a month away, Buffalo News Political Reporter Bob McCarthy says he believes Republican Mayoral candidate Sergio Rodriguez needs to raise some money "to get his word out" if he is to upset Mayor Byron Brown.

With Democrats dominating City Hall for over 50 years, McCarthy notes Republicans face an "almost impossible task" in winning the Mayor's race.

Still, "people have an interest in Sergio Rodriguez" following his debate performances from earlier this year. McCarthy says Rodriguez has shown political skills that may have benefits beyond November if he fails to win the Mayoral election.

With Bert Dunn announcing that he will remain in the race on his own independent party line, the battleĀ  for Erie County Sheriff features three candidates: Dunn, Democrat Richard Dobson and incumbent Republican Tim Howard.

"Sheriff Howard's record as a jail manager" is the main issue in the campaign, McCarthy said. Some observers believe Dunn's presence will take votes away from Dobson in the November election.

McCarthy believes a heated race could emerge in the battle for Erie County Comptroller, but "there's not a lot of money in either camp to finance it."

"There's no question the Republicans want to make (Democratic candidate) Kevin Gaughan's tax problems the central point of this race."

Gaughan has acknowledged that he fell behind in his tax payments to the IRS, a situation that he says has been rectified.

Gaughan faces Republican Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw.