McCarthy sees a New York delegation unified behind Trump

Jul 20, 2016

As the enthusiasm builds behind Donald Trump during this week's Republican Convention in Cleveland, party faithful from the Empire State may be enjoying the moment more than most. "It's a very special place for the New York delegation," said Buffalo News Political reporter Bob McCarthy, who shared his observations earlier on WBFO's Morning Edition.

"You've got states like Colorado that are upset about the Trump nomination and there were a few people who walked off the floor when he was officially nominated last night," McCarthy said. 

"That doesn't happen in New York State. This place is just totally, solidly behind this New Yorker."

McCarthy was nearby as Tuesday night's events unfolded. New York initially deferred its place in the roll call until their vote could make  Trump the official Republican Presidential nominee. 

"I never saw such a happier New York delegation as when that very special, historic moment took place last night on the floor of the convention."

It's the first time a New Yorker has been nominated for the Presidency since Franklin Roosevelt. Of course, as McCarthy points out, history will repeat itself  during the Democratic Convention when Hillary Clinton earns her party's nomination.