McCarthy traces the money in 27th Congressional race

Oct 10, 2012

In his weekly Morning Edition conversation with WBFO News, Buffalo News Political Reporter Bob McCarthy said nearly $2 million in outside money has flooded into the district and onto the airwaves in the form of political ads.

"Some of these groups are not obliged to report their contributors," McCarthy said. "It opens up a whole new world for money in politics."

While many outside observers are crying foul over the emerging practice, insiders feel otherwise.

"As far as those people (political campaigns) are concerned, it's good."

The narrow, contested Democratic Primary victory for State Senator Tim Kennedy has broad implications. According to McCarthy, Kennedy's campaign spent nearly $400,000 compared to less than $20,000 for challenger Betty Jean Grant.

"Tim Kennedy is going find himself in eternal fundraising for the next two years."

McCarthy sees "some sort of seismic shift in that district that can never be ignored again."

In another local State Senate race, Republican incumbent Mark Grisanti is airing a television ad featuring footage of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

"He (Cuomo) has done everything but" endorse Grisanti, McCarthy said.

An official endorsement may not be forthcoming, but McCarthy doesn't expect any complaints from the Governor over the use of his image in pro-Grisanti spots.

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