McMurray calls on Collins to resign

Aug 12, 2018

Congressman Chris Collins has suspended his re-election efforts after he was indicted on insider trading charges last week.

The decision leaves the Republican party scrambling to not only identify a replacement candidate but to navigate a complicated process in replacing Collins on the ballot. Nate McMurray is the Democratic candidate for the 27th Congressional District. He believes that Collins needs to take yet another step in light of the charges.

Nate McMurray, Democratic Congressional candidate for the 27th district
Credit McMurray for Congress / WBFO News

"It was time for him to go. Now, we need him to resign from his seat in Congress. He's collecting a paycheck. He's collected a pension from this. He shouldn't be there. Do you guys think he should be there? He needs to resign. It's amazing to me that the Republican Party hasn't said in unison RESIGN!"

McMurray contends that the indictment disqualifies Collins from legitimately holding his office. He believes that Collins now represents the corruption that has damaged other political careers.

Collins has made no indication that he will not complete his current term.