McMurray calls for recount after conceding to Collins

Nov 7, 2018

Republican congressman Chris Collins narrowly won re-election against Democratic opponent Nate McMurray in New York's 27th District Tuesday. But McMurray, who initially conceded, now wants a recount.

Chris Collins met with the media Tuesday night to announce his win.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

"I am re-elected. That's all that matters and I will represent everyone in the district,” said Collins Tuesday night.

Collins declared victory during an appearance in downtown Buffalo, saying he will continue to represent the district even as he faces criminal charges for alleged insider trading.

“I'm just going to continue to do my job, which I’ve done from day one, including all through September when I was in D.C. for three weeks. I never missed a vote. I still won’t,” Collins remarked.

Collins was arrested and charged with 11 felony counts in August. Still, he said he plans to move forward as a Washington lawmaker and fight the charges.

“I acknowledge there’s a black cloud. I’ve got to have my day in court to exonerate and clear my name in 2020. That’s 15+ months away,” Collins stated.

Initially, Democratic challenger Nate McMurray conceded the race. But hours later, he called for a recount, saying, in a statement, “after examining the numbers, the margin is one-percent and the will of the voters must be heard.”

"Mr. Collins is going to need another set of lawyers," McMurray said.

Nick Langworthy, chairman, Erie County Republican Party.
Credit WBFO News photo by Eileen Buckley

Nick Langworthy, the chairman of the Erie County Republican Party, announced Collins' win Tuesday night, but Collins never appeared at Republican headquarters. But for Langworthy it was a Republican win, despite the controversy surrounding Collins

“Chris Collins' voting record is crystal clear to the voters in the district. They supported that ideology. They looked past his legal situation,” Langworthy said.