McMurray claims 'extensive irregularities' in NY27 vote

Nov 21, 2018

Democrat Nate McMurray is still not conceding his race against incumbent Republican Rep. Chris Collins in New York's 27th District.

McMurray issued a statement Wednesday saying given the closeness of vote count, he will consult with his attorneys to determine his next course of action.

Nate McMurray says he will announce his next steps on Monday.
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After absentee and emergency ballots from Erie County were counted Tuesday, Board of Elections commissioners said it is mathematically improbable McMurray could win. But the Grand Island superviser says the difference between him and his opponent appears to be less than 0.5%. He says in many states and counties, a margin that close would trigger an automatic recount.

Without elaborating, McMurray said his campaign has seen "extensive irregularities" in the vote.

"We have seen extensive irregularities in the voting process, especially pertaining to absentee ballots, and there are issues that need to be addressed not only for this election but for all elections in the future to ensure voters are not disenfranchised and that every voice is heard," McMurray said, in a statement.

McMurray says he will announce his plans on Monday after he and his staff spend time with their families for the holiday weekend.