Medaille boosting Riverside High School

Apr 20, 2012

Riverside High School and Medaille College are increasing their partnership, from college faculty helping students perform better academically to providing scholarships.

Mary Ellen Mulvey is Medaille's senior director of instructional support and community partnerships.

Mulvey says Riverside and Medaille's student profiles match in being first-generation college, Buffalo residents and needing student financial aid.

"That was one of the reasons why we wanted to partner with Riverside High School, there a lot of similarities," said Mulvey said.

"What we're trying do at Medaille and trying to do at the high school is to give students a vision for their future. Here's what you can be and here's how you can get there."

One four-year scholarship will be given to a Riverside graduate this year.

Eventually the college will offer $450,000 in scholarships for students from the high school each year.

Students will have the chance to participate  in  the Medaille Center for Entrepreneurship and Change.

The college and the high school also work with the nearby Northwest Buffalo Community Center to provide human services for students.