Medaille College Sullivan center expansion

Nov 15, 2011

Medaille College broke ground on the Sullivan Campus Center expansion Tuesday. The college is expanding the current student center located on the Buffalo campus.

The $5.5 million dollar expansion will include more space for dining, a commuter lounge, fitness center and a larger gymnasium.

The center is named after the college's fourth president the late Kevin Sullivan.

Medaille Student Government President Jessica Newcombe said she hopes the center will help bring students together for a full college experience.

"The expansion from a students perspective is extremely exciting, because it just marks a new milestone at Medaille. It's going to create more opportunity for students to get involved and have a better sense of community," said Newcombe.

Medaille College President Richard Jurasek said the expansion will allow the college to open its doors for community use.

"This will be an expansion to what I understand to be a social space. Not simply a gymnasium, but where our students, commuters as well as resident students can come together and enjoy the undergraduate experience," said Jurasek.

The center is expected to open for the 2012 semester.