Melissa Clark explains the lasting impact of Marcella Hazan on her own recipes and cooking

Aug 30, 2019

If we were to walk around and ask random people, "Who's your cooking hero?" we bet we wouldn't have to go far before someone said, Melissa Clark. A star on The New York Times food page for years, author of dozens of cookbooks, and soon to be your new favorite podcaster -- more on that below -- she is a master of knowing exactly what you want to eat before you know you want to eat it. We thought it would be great to talk to her about the recipes she is a superfan of; turns out she is quite fond of the legendary Marcella Hazan and her essential recipes for Italian food. She and Francis discuss the recipes that have made a significant impact on Melissa's own repertoire. After hearing this, you're going to need to make Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce. Here is a link to the recipe from The New York Times.

Melissa Clark is also the host of our new show, Weeknight Kitchen with Melissa Clark, a weekly podcast where she takes you into her kitchen and works through a recipe perfect for everyday eating.  It’s coming your way September 4, 2019. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts!