Missing pages to statewide math assessments

May 2, 2014

Some of the math tests being given to students as part of New York's annual statewide assessments are missing questions.  Thursday marked the second day of the annual three-day math assessments for students in grades three through eight in New York's nearly 700 school districts.

Buffalo School students.
Credit WBFO News file photo

New York State education officials are blaming it on a printing error.  Tom Dunn, a spokesman for NYSED said the error affects just one of the four forms of the third grade test.  Dunn issued the following statement to WBFO News:

"The printing issue in the 3rd grade exam today involved 1 form (out of 4 forms), in 1 book (out of 3 books), in 1 grade (of 6 grades tested) -- and we resolved it by providing the limited number of affected schools (approximately 100 calls out of 3000+ schools) with instructions to remedy the issue locally to allow students to complete the test without disruption.  Many schools simply used a different form in place of the affected books; some schools printed the necessary items locally."

The state's assessments are produced by Pearson.  It was a statewide problem. According to a local source, the 3rd grade math test for day two was missing nine questions.  Person produces four different versions of the test.  Form D is affected by the error. 

WBFO News learned that the Frontier School Cloverbank Elementary was affected by this error, but the district was not sure how it would effect students scores.