More calls in Cheektowaga for Rogowski to resign

Mar 7, 2018

A fellow Cheektowaga council member and the town's Republican Committee chair are calling on James Rogowski to resign.

Calls for James Rogowski to leave his post are increasing.
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Brian Nowak, a town council member since 2017, is asking Rogowski, a four-term council member and fellow Democrat, to leave his post.

The request comes in the wake of the accusation that Rogowski violated an order of protection obtained by his wife when he was arrested February 23 by West Seneca police on a felony contempt charge. Nowak calls the arrest of Rogowski a matter of public concern.

Rogowski has been on paid leave from his job as a high school technology teacher in Lockport since the end of February.

Earlier Wednesday, Cheektowaga Republican Committee Chair Don Friedrich made the same suggestion.

“Councilman James Rogowski has proven that he has too many personal distractions to continue as a leader in our community," Friedrich said in a statement. "There is absolutely no place in our society for spousal abuse, and as an elected official and teacher he should recognize what good leadership requires."

Friedrich said Rogowski’s "series of bad decisions" has led him "to question his character and ability to lead Cheektowaga" and the message being sent to town youth.