More threats of violence against Albion Central Schools

Jan 3, 2020

More law enforcement will be on campus at Albion Central Schools Friday, after new threats of violence were found.

Credit Albion Central Schools

Albion Police say they have learned of numerous social media posts indicating possible violence on campus, and they are related to the previous threat made against Albion Middle School in November.

Three juveniles were charged in November and are now on probation, according to Albion Police Chief Roland Nenni.

"The Albion Police Department is in constant communication with the School District and the Probation Department, who is tasked with monitoring the defendants who were arrested in November for the previous threat," Nenni said in a statement.

He also said these latest threats have been investigated and "there is no evidence or indications of impending violence."

Even so, in concern for the community’s "heightened sense of awareness," Nenni said there will be an even greater level of law enforcement on campus than there has been since November.

Anyone with direct information regarding threats is encouraged to contact the Albion Police Department at 585-589-5627.