More varied fleet ready to tackle snowy roads

Nov 28, 2012

Mayor Byron Brown says Buffalo's snow-fighting crews are ready, bolstered by more than $1 million in new equipment and a lot of road salt left over from last winter.

In an annual event going back decades, the mayor, the public works commissioner, and some of the workers in charge of removing snow show off the city's plows and the other equipment in the Broadway Barn.

All of the vehicles have their plows mounted and are cleaned and ready to go.  The city has purchased more varied equipment to use on the city's array of narrow and wide streets.

Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO News

"Flexibility is the key to the Buffalo streets department. Streets vary in widths and you need different equipment to get down that street," said Public Works Commissioner Steven Stepniak, citing high-lifts and wing plows.

Brown says the city is ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

"Our experienced snow fighting team is ready to keep traffic moving and keep citizens safe on our roadways. This year we spent $1.1 million in new snow fighting equipment, including five plows and three high lifts," Brown said.

Because last winter was relatively easy, Brown says the city has 11,000 tons of rock salt in stock, already paid for and ready to be used.