Movie crew praises Western New York

Mar 6, 2015

The Los Angeles Production Company filming a movie locally is wrapping up work this weekend here in Western New York. 

Markus Hill of Mascot Pictures says shooting is wrapping up this weekend. Hill says the warm up this week over last week's frigid air has helped with filming outdoor scenes. 

Small Town Prince shoots outside Vidler's 5 and 10 in East Aurora
Credit Courtesy of Vidler's 5 and 10 Twitter Page

Crews shot at locations in East Aurora, Colden and Arcade. The East Aurora site included a bed and breakfast. The shoot in Arcade involved the old Arcade and Attica Railroad. Hill says they received 1200 emails from people interested in being an extra for the railroad shoot. They were able to use about 50 of those for the film. He says they were "so happy to have the support of the community."

In Colden, Hill says, they shot inside the Colden Country Dinner. "The ladies who run that are amazing," he says, "They opened up their restaurant to us for two days. We filmed some diner scenes in there. On top of not only filming there, the ladies also provided us with breakfast and lunch for our cast and crew. It was awesome." 

Mascot Productions shoots "Small Town Prince" in Western New York
Credit Courtesy of Markus Hill Twitter Feed

Hill says there's is still a few scenes left to be shot in Los Angeles and the film will be edited in time for the Holidays.

"Initially, we are definitely filming this movie to market it to theaters... However, movies that we've done in the past have gone to Lifetime, Hallmark, Ion Channel on cable television. Those networks are great right around the holidays... I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up on one of those networks as well which is great. Around that timeframe, families are sitting down and watching television together."

East Aurora Small Town Prince shoot
Credit Courtesy of Markus Hill Twitter Feed

"Our executive producing team and myself, we did a movie called 'Christmas Under Wraps' that aired last year on Hallmark Channel... that movie was the highest rated Hallmark Channel movie that the network has had to date as well as it was the highest rated cable TV channel movie of the year last year. So, with the success of that movie, I'm sure that our executive producers and our company will continue to make movies for that network. It's just great family-friendly programming that everyone enjoys watching."

Hill adds, "I know that we would definitely like to come back to the area when we can see the grass. We've been hearing stories how amazing the Greater Buffalo area and Western New York is and how beautiful it is in the summer and fall... A huge thanks to the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission for setting up so many things for us logistically... if we're able to work with them again and come back out here and shoot another movie when it's not as cold, we would love to do that."