M&T plans to add 1,000 technology-based jobs in WNY

Apr 17, 2019

New jobs in the technology field are opening up across Western New York and it happens to be in the banking industry.

Credit mtb.com

M&T Bank is planning to hire 1,000 workers in fields like web design, software engineering, cyber security, and other digital positions within five years.

Despite the time frame, Chief Information Officer Mike Wisler said they won’t compromise when it comes to the talent they bring on to their team.

“We’re going to work really hard to fill those rolls as fast as possible,” said Wisler. “Our best guess at this point is 250, maybe 300 a year is probably a good velocity for us to be able to manage and maintain that high bar. But if we can great talent here faster, then we will.”

Wisler added there’s a need for these types of jobs not just in Buffalo, but across the country.

“There just is not enough software engineers, infrastructure engineers, cyber security, product designers, experience designers to go around,” he said. “And I think that Buffalo and M&T, but Buffalo more broadly, I think we’ve got to talk about this about being a great place to have a great career and to live.”

The company says an additional 200 jobs will be created in Wilmington, Delaware.

Wisler said technology is at the center of almost every company’s strategic planning, including banking. M&T currently employs more than 7,000 across Western New York.