Mural symbolizes unity between Buffalo's east and west sides

Sep 13, 2016

A new mural unveiled Monday by the Albright Knox Gallery was created as an ode to unity between Buffalo's east and west sides.

The mural on the Koch Metal Spinning building on Jewett Avenue was created by artist Daniel Galas.
Credit Michael Mroziak/WBFO News

The mural at 74 Jewett Avenue, the home of Koch Metal Spinning, is part of the AK Public Art Initiative. The piece, created over a two-month span, was made by artist Daniel Galas.

“All of the buildings that we chose here, half we chose on the east side of Main Street and half were chosen from the west side to show unity between the two neighborhoods," Galas said.

Albright Knox Public Art Curator Aaron Ott says Galas was the right person for the job.

Artist Dnaiel Galas (r.) says the mural has a symbolic, unifying message.
Credit Michael Mroziak/WBFO News

“I think you just build trust with an artist and when you have faith in their ability and faith in their vision, then you want to be able to let them respond. I mean this is something that I can’t produce and it’s something that really felt like Daniel really was the only one who could produce it right, this is a signature piece,” Ott said.

"One of art’s responsibilities, I think, is to breathe life and to inspire," added Galas. "It’s a visual experience.”

The Albright-Knox launched the public art initiative in partnership with Erie County in 2013 in an effort to expand public interaction with artists and their work and promote the gallery’s educational and artistic programming.