Nearly $1 million will protect Erie County farmland

Dec 30, 2018

New York State is awarding nearly $1 million to protect farmland in our region.

Credit Photo courtesy of WNY Land Conservancy

The Western New York Land Conservancy says the money will be used to protect a beef cattle farm and a dairy farm in rural Erie County from being converted to non-agricultural uses.

Conservancy Director Nancy Smith said farming plays a key role in our regional economy, thanks to plenty of natural resources such as fresh water.

"It's no wonder that we have a really long history of successful farming in our community," Smith said. "This investment from New York State helps continue that legacy. It will help support farm families. It's really important for the economic vibrancy of our region."

Governor Andrew Cuomo said nearly $35 million was awarded in this latest round of funding to protect 13,000 acres of farmland at 40 farms in 19 counties