Neglia returns from star-like treatment in Argentina

Oct 17, 2011

Ballet dancer Sergio Neglia has returned from his native Argentina where he performed a tribute in honor of his late father at the Colon Theatre.

Neglia says he is re-energized as he prepares for this weekend's performance of Baba Yaga. Neglia was treated like a movie star as he danced before an audience who recalled his father's ballet career 40-years-ago.

"It was unbelievable. I mean it was incredible 3,500 people screaming the Neglia name again after 40-years. It was the most powerful thing I felt. I was shocked of all the power of the massive crowd," said Neglia.

Neglia never anticipated the reception he received in Argentina...He says they remember the legacy of his late father.

"The newspaper -- La Nacion -- The Nation -- very important newspaper. It's 200 years old, and the person who was doing the interview...she started crying because she saw the performance of myself when I danced the 6th (September) last month, but she through myself she started bursting into tears because she said I could not believe the similarities you both have," said Neglia.

But now as Neglia sits at his studio, he says it is back to the reality of running his dance company and preparing for Baba Yaga, the story of a hideous witch who lives in a hut. It has become one of Neglia's premier shows.

Two shows are planned, first their "On-Time" school program for Buffalo School children this Friday.

Neglia's executive director and wife, Heidi Halt said the program provides a free performance for city students.

"Where we bring in probably about 800 children either at low ticket prices, drastically reduced, or corporate sponsors so they come for free," said Halt. "I love to perform for the kids. That's one of the greatest parts of performing. It is hard because its in the morning and it's complicated to prepare...but the kids that's says it all," said Neglia.

And since Negila's star performance in Argentina, The Colon Theatre has asked him to return and bring his version of Baba Yaga to Argentina in 2013.