New ambulance provider promises change

Dec 15, 2015

AMR, the new parent company of Rural Metro Ambulance, is vowing to  work with the local healthcare system to help reduce costs.

Rural Metro Ambulance is now under the management of AMR.
Credit courtesy Rural Metro

According to Thomas McEntee, AMR's regional CEO, some people call 9-1-1 several times a month to go to the emergency room for non-life threatening issues.

"As the EMS provider, we're the safety net," McEntee explained.

"If we can identify someone before they fall into the safety net we can help guide them to the most appropriate care that makes the most economic sense for the healthcare community and it provides the best level of  service to the patient." 

AMR has been in Buffalo about a month. McEntee admits it will take some time to analyze the market and learn where the greatest need is. He says AMR's more holistic approach to healthcare has been successful in over  dozen communities across the country.