A new brand is on the way for Niagara Falls

Apr 1, 2016

A new branding campaign is in the works for Niagara Falls. The President and CEO of Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation, John Percy, says removing the Robert Moses Parkway downtown and the upgrades being made to the State Park will put a green focus on the American Falls.

Renderings of New York state's proposed expansion of Niagara Falls State Park.
Credit New York State

"All that collectively will give us, I think, the edge that we need for us versus Canada, when you compare the two, that we will be more the natural side to visit," said Percy.

"I think people enjoy that. That more green sight, getting interactive with the outside, nature, and the environment that exists around them when they travel. They don't want to be indoors. They want to be outdoors."     

The new brand will be unveiled in the next year.

According to the latest figures, tourism generated $600 million in revenue for Niagara County in 2014, making it the county's second largest industry behind agriculture.