New Braymiller Market forecasts late-spring opening in downtown Buffalo

May 6, 2021

Hamburg-based Braymiller Market is anticipating an early-summer opening of its new store in downtown Buffalo. The market is part of larger development at 201 Ellicott Street which will include an adjacent affordable housing complex.

At a press conference Thursday to give the public an update on the market's progress, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said the idea of a downtown dates back to 2006.

“Braymiller Market is going to be a central piece in the 201 Ellicott Development,” he said. “In 2019 I had the opportunity to take a field trip with [City of Buffalo Officer of Strategic Planning Executive Director] Brendan Mehaffy to Hamburg and see the flagship Braymiller Market store…and we were so impressed at the variety of items and the quantity of items. Just about everything you might want for your shopping experience was at that market in Hamburg. Well this market in downtown Buffalo is even larger than that, and will offer even more than that market.”

Braymiller owner Stuart Green said operating in an urban environment will be no different than operating in Hamburg.

“It’s new territory for us obviously,” he said. “But it’s a long line of doing what we do.”

Equating the Hamburg store to the show “Cheers,” where everyone knows your name, Green says the downtown market, given its proximity to many underserved neighborhoods, will be able serve a more diverse clientele.