New clinic opens on ECMC campus

May 25, 2012

The ECMC campus on Grider Street continues to change, with major construction projects and smaller changes to increase medical care possibilities like the newly-opened Grider Family Health Center.

The general idea is that a patient can go to the emergency room or go to the new family health center and get a family doctor.

The center is one of several new family health centers in the area which want to get patients into the health care system and provide more than just care for a particular problem at a particular time, instead offering a full range of care with hospital services right there.

Medical Director Doctor Antonia Redhead says she wants people to come in for care and education before they become seriously ill

ECMC CEO Jody Lomeo says there is a shortage of family care doctors.
"What we were focussing on was bringing primary care back to this community and servicing the people in the area," Lomeo said.

"This is not what I would tell you is a money-maker. You don't do this type of thing. You don't do this for the financial end of it. You do it to take care of the patients."

Within a few weeks, Women and Children's Hospital will be opening a clinic in another wing of the building housing the family health center.