New development will oust Shoreline residents

May 24, 2016

Nearly 200 Shoreline Apartment tenants have been told they must be out by November. That's after years of Norstar Development telling them a new construction plan would allow them to move around and into new units.

Councilmember David Franczyk voiced his outrage over the plight of Shoreline residents.
Credit WBFO News File Photo

Norstar Development has told the residents that their current apartments must be demolished to make room for new housing. That housing, however, will not have room for all current Shoreline residents.

"Peoples' lives shouldn't be thrown into trepidation and they should be grandfathered in and they should be given priority," said Councilmember David Franczyk.

Franczyk says the city has no jurisdiction over an Albany-financed construction project but he will get the Council to talk about the situation. He's calling on the State Division of Housing and Community Renewal to force Norstar to follow the rules.

"Residents of Shoreline were mad," Franczyk said.

A Norstar official at the meeting says the company will help the current tenants find new places to live.

Residents speaking at Monday's meeting in City Hall recounted decades of living at Shoreline. Many expressed concerns over finding new places to live as the crunch continues over low-income housing. Some complexes have waiting lists as long as two years.