New FBI Agent in Charge brings rich counter-terror experience to Buffalo

Nov 19, 2015

While he's admittedly still getting to know some of the key players in local law enforcement and even his own staff, the new Special Agent In Charge at the FBI field office in Buffalo has a history of counter-terrorism work worldwide.

Cohen, a native of Islip on Long Island, brings with him rich experience in counter-terrorism.

Adam Cohen is the Special Agent in Charge at the FBI field office in Buffalo.
Credit courtesy FBI

He was in Algeria working on a case when the 9-11 attacks were occuring here in the U.S. His work in Algeria was related to a foiled plot to bring a bomb into the U.S. from Canada and set it off at Los Angeles Airport. He was commended by the Attorney General for his work in 2004 in relation to British-based al Qaeda cells that were planning to detonate ammonium nitrate fertilizer-fueled devices.

Cohen - who is unauthorized to discuss the current terror attack case in Paris - recalled how the 9/11 attacks changed everything, not just for everyday citizens but also law enforcers.

"We understand that you can not hesitate on giving information if it may have anything pertinent to any other entity within the government," Cohen said. "Sometimes there was a parochialism of maintaining some of that information. That is completely gone now."

When asked about adjusting to life in Buffalo, Cohen noted the sharp difference between the high-traffic, fast-paced lifestyle of the New York City area and the more relaxed and friendly nature of Western New York.