New internet provider coming to Buffalo

Dec 17, 2019

Buffalo's longtime cable company may soon be getting a rival internet provider. It's called Greenlight Networks, a Rochester-based company that has been boosted by a $100 million investment by former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano.


The web company will be announcing Tuesday morning it is bringing its high-speed fiber-to-the-home system into the Buffalo Niagara region.

"Our press conference is going to announce that they're going to be here in Buffalo building out a system that is going to be available to everyone, eventually, based on demand," explained Lovejoy District Council member Richard Fontana.

"If you want up to 500 mbs of service to your house...currently, it's about $100. You can get up to 500 for about 30% less, or $50, a month," he said.

In Buffalo, Spectrum has little competition. Verizon offers optical fiber web service in a small area of the city, but no TV service.

"Less competition becomes a situation where people are paying too much," said Fontana.

"We're seeing in other parts of the country where there is competition, Spectrum, Charter, whoever it is, is offering residents and homeowners more affordable options for internet. We're just not getting those options here in Western New York."