New Roswell Park program targets teen and young adult cancer patients

May 27, 2018

They're often called the "orphan population" at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center -- adolescent and young adult cancer patients. They often don't take advantage of the support services the center provides pediatric and older adult patients.

Young adult cancer patient
Credit Photo courtesy of Roswell Park

So, PixStori was created. Roswell Park's Dr. Megan Pailler says it's an app that allows teens and young adults to share photos and stories.

"One of the things that has touched me the most is participants' willingness to be very personal in the stories that they share," Pailler said. "That's something that has surprised us -- the courage that it takes to post sometimes heartbreaking stories of vulnerability or loss as a result of cancer."

The PixStori program is part of a larger study by Roswell Park researchers to improve care for adolescent and young adult cancer patients.