New superintendent starts as district "consultant"

Jun 28, 2012

The Buffalo School Board doesn't wish to wait for its new superintendent to get started so they're willing to pay to jump start the process.

Amber Dixon has been interim almost since James Williams retired last year.

She lost out in the search for a replacement to Pamela Brown who has been tentatively hired as superintendent.

To get the job, the probable new superintendent needs a variety of approvals from Albany and an employment contract which will set all of the terms and conditions of the new job.

Talks are continuing on that contract.
School Board President Lou Petrucci says the board wants to get Brown in here so she's being hired for $800-per-day as a consultant.
"The transition agreement will allow Doctor Brown to come in to work as a consultant to the district until such time as we actually have the contract completed," Petrucci said.

"We have been in continuous negotiations with the contract. We are close. We have a target date to have the contract presented to the board for July 11 approval."

Dixon expects to return to her former post in the school structure, at least for now.