New transportation options coming for Niagara Falls visitors

Aug 18, 2014

You can once again walk a historic trail in Niagara Falls State Park and soon, there may be more bikes and biking trails to go with the Green Trolley system serving tourists.

Restored North Shore Trail that connects the Pedestrian Bridge to Luna Island.
Credit Photo from Niagara Falls State Park Facebook

The state just re-opened the North Shore Trail in the park after spending $1 million on renovation. The path connects Goat Island with Luna Island and runs through some of the new landscaping. It allows more access for people with disabilities.

Albany is putting tens of millions of dollars into parks which had become visibly worn down. Mayor Paul Dyster says it's good to let visitors see more of the core of his city.

Down river from the Falls at the Whirlpool Bridge, a new Amtrak train station and the Underground Railroad Interpretive Center are scheduled to be completed next year.

The mayor says the city is looking at how to get people from the station to the Falls, and how to get hikers and bikers onto the paths that are gradually replacing the Robert Moses Parkway in the city. Dyster says there are new access possibilities.

"Everybody wants to have the opportunity at the best possible experience of Niagara Falls," Dyster said. "And sometimes in order to do that you have to get yourself into the vantage point that isn't always easily accessible.

"One of the other things we are really looking forward to as part of the new boat landing for Maid of the Mist, there's an historic elevator there that's being renovated and that's going to be open to the public. Remember, when the Maid of the Mist boats aren't stored there, we get to use the landing."

Dyster says better transportation options will potentially keep visitors in the city for more hours, spending more money. He adds that's why using the Green Trolley to get them from their parking spaces to attractions is important, and why the tourism industry needs to come up with better ways to get people around.