New York dealing with post-recession foreclosures

Aug 19, 2015

New York's court system is working its way through thousands of mortgage foreclosures, a lengthy process that can take months to resolve.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's auditors say there were nearly 92,000 pending cases in the middle of last year. There are a lot fewer in Western New York, as the lawyers, banks and courts see if people can stay in their homes, if they are eligible for help.

"For the initial 60 days and then after that there may be another three adjournments or so, sometimes depending on about 30 days each," explained Dan Marren, confidential law clerk to Chief Administrative Judge Paula Feroleto.

"So, it can go six months or more, six to nine months before a final modification or settlement can go. Some are shorter. Some are longer."

There were nearly 1,800 new foreclosures filed last year and many people modify their mortgages and stay home. Others believe they are being evicted when they are notified and arrive in court with the keys or just move out. There is a lot of time-consuming help to keep get mortgage modifications.