Newfane solar farm to include nearly 2,000 panels

Oct 26, 2015

Western New York is becoming greener, thanks to an Albany-based company. Monolith Solar Associates is set to break ground for a Niagara County solar farm that will feature 1,944 solar panels on November 2.

The $900,000 farm on Transit Road in Newfane can be used by any customer of National Grid and will help cut bills from those who use a Monolith panel. It uses a credit-based system that allows people to achieve the benefits of solar energy without having to physically install a panel.

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Tim Carr, an account manager with Monolith, tells WBFO residential customers weren’t always able to benefit from “community solar.”

“If your roof is too old or it faces the wrong way or perhaps you rent an apartment building, those are instances where it’s a challenge to have on-site solar, meaning having solar panels on your roof or on your property,” said Carr. 

Carr says people who live within 50 miles can still be eligible to sign up for a panel. He says people across the state should start to notice an increase in solar farms.

“The Hudson Valley were developing projects, central New York were developing really it’s something that’s spreading across the state equally.” 

As for the future, Carr sees solar energy not only benefiting the environment, but having positive effects on the economy, as well.

“It’s going to accelerate job growth in this industry. It’s going to significantly offset carbon. It’s going to impact customers' electric bills no matter who they are or where they are or what type of living situation they have. I think that it’s just part of the future of the energy paradigm in New York State”