NFTA rolls out corporate discount program

Apr 6, 2017

The NFTA is trying to entice local companies to take part in a new discount pass program for their employees. Increasing Metro ridership, the authority says, could have several benefits for community members.  

Credit NFTA

Douglas Hartmayer, the NFTA's Director of Public Affairs, says employees of companies in the new discount pass program could end up getting a $75 monthly pass for about $38.
"It's a substantial savings on the overall cost of the pass. But also throw in how much less wear and tear on your automobile," Hartmayer said.

Getting more cars off the road, Hartmayer says, reduces emissions, and would help ease the parking crunch for businesses and organizations on the growing Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.
"This program would be tailor-made for them to participate in," Hartmayer said.  

Hartmayer says companies also get a financial benefit because the program lowers payroll taxes. It is not limited to downtown Buffalo.  
"There's no limitations. You could be in Amherst, Clarence, Buffalo, Hamburg, Cheektowaga. Wherever you may be you are certainly eligible and we would welcome you in to the program," Hartmayer said.

The new discount plan starts June 1.