NFTA taking steps to disinfect 'high-touch areas'

Mar 5, 2020

Steps are being taken to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus among local transit riders and bus and airline passengers.

At the Metropolitan Transportation Center in downtown Buffalo, NFTA Spokesperson Helen Tederous said maintenance crews and custodians are making sure "high-touch areas" on Metro Bus and Rail, in Metro stations, and at the airport are disinfected as well as possible.
"It's part of our ongoing protocol to make our facilities, whether a bus, rail, airport or any of our buildings, is as clean as possible nearly all year long, but particularly during this situation," Tederous said.   

Tederous said as a public authority, one of their duties is to keep people informed. She says the NFTA can't over-communicate enough the CDC's recommendations about the virus.  
"We want people to be cautious. But at the same time we don't want them to be frightened. We want them to be safe and we want them to have all the updated information so we provided a link on our website to give folks the most updated information and the most accurate information," Tederous said.   

Given the large number of transit riders and airline passengers they work with on a daily basis, Tederous says the NFTA is also taking steps to keep its 1,500 employees informed about the virus.

The latest information about the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.