Niagara County releases new details about its first COVID-19 case

Mar 19, 2020

Niagara County has released more details about its first reported case of COVID-19, a 42-year-old female residing in the western portion of the county.

Niagara County Chairperson Becky Wydysh said officials believe they now have an accurate picture of the woman's community contact.

Niagara County Chairperson Becky Wydysh announce the county's 1st positive case of COVID-19 on Wednesday.
Credit Niagara County / Facebook

"She began showing symptom on March 8 and immediately began quarantining herself," Wydysh said. "Our clinical team reviewed one full week before she was symptomatic to the present. Based on the interviews and timeline, and thanks in large part to the affected individual’s actions to quickly quarantine herself, distance herself from family members and seek medical attention, the Niagara County Department of Health is confident she did not have any community contact during this period.  This means no shopping, no public transportation, no work, nor any other outside interactions.  The only contact was with family."

Wydysh said officials have been personally contacting those who had been in direct contact with the woman. Those people will now be closely monitored, but at this point, "none are showing any symptoms."

Currently, Niagara County has 34 individuals in quarantine, all with no symptoms, and there are five test results pending.