Niagara Falls Police expanding use of body cameras

Sep 2, 2015

More Niagara Falls police officers will soon be wearing a body camera.

About 40 officers have been using the technology since December. The department has received a $45,666 federal grant to purchase another 15 cameras. Niagara Falls Police Chief Bryan DalPorto says body cameras can be turned off. But DalPorto says department policy dictates when they're used.

Niagara Falls Police Chief Bryan DalPorto demonstrates where body cameras are worn by officers in his department.
Credit Chris Caya / WBFO News

"Obviously if an officer is doing something that isn't within policy we would take appropriate action. But we don't anticipate that happening," DalPorto said.

"Our officers are very good and embrace this technology. It creates an accurate and complete depiction of what happened. So in most cases, it assists the officer."

The grant award was announced by Rep. Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo).

"Body cameras use today's technology to provide a new level of transparency between the community and those who work every day to protect the community, Higgins said.

DalPorto says the department is "proud to be at the cutting edge of 21st Century policing."