Niagara University recovering from ransomware attack

Feb 14, 2020

Niagara University canceled classes Thursday in the wake of an attack on its computer systems. Late Wednesday, IT personnel discovered the school had been hit with a ransomware attack which locked down some email servers.


Everything on those servers was encrypted by someone else.  Once in control, hackers demand ransom to decrypt the information.

These attacks can be very serious, like the attack which crippled Erie County Medical Center recently. Some  companies have been driven out of business because they can't gain access to their own computer systems.

Niagara says it's working with a third party vendor to figure out how bad the ransomware attack is and how to restore the computers to full functionality. Law enforcement has been notified.

In a written statement the university says there is no indication any personal information has been compromised. The university never went on lockdown although classes were canceled Thursday. Class will be in session today.