Nickname debate draws hundreds to Lancaster High School

Mar 4, 2015

Passions are running high in the ongoing discussion regarding the nickname for Lancaster High School. On Tuesday night, supporters and detractors sat down to share their thoughts on the matter.

The cafeteria at Lancaster High School hosted a large crowd on Tuesday night.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

While there was no decision on whether or not to change Lancaster's sports name, "Redskins," the question has become very controversial.

One speaker last night suggested district residents vote on keeping or discarding the name. Judging by the 400 people in the cafeteria for the meeting, support for keeping the name is overwhelming.

Seneca Nation of Indians lawyer Martin Seneca says the name should be changed.

"Redskins is a pejorative term, that ought not to be used. There are other pejorative terms that are used for other racial groups that we do not use and I don't see any difference between those pejorative terms and this," Seneca said.

"And so, therefore, all that we are interested in doing is for the community to focus on that and say: Hey, this is probably the right thing to do."

Seneca was there with Nation President Maurice John who participated at a table but has laryngitis and couldn't speak.

Courtney Tranquilli is a Lancaster eighth grader, cheerleader and member of the track and field team who wants the name kept.
"It shows a great sense of pride in Lancaster community and we never mean to offend anybody and every time we go out for a sporting event, we always say: Like let's do it Redskins and so I feel like it shows pride in the name," Tranquilli said.