North Tonawanda dog owners charged with animal cruelty

May 6, 2019

The owners of an emaciated dog have been charged with animal cruelty and will not be getting back the animal.

North Tonawanda Animal Cruelty Officer Rick Salisbury reported the female dog was rescued over the weekend "thanks to an anonymous complaint" and that her condition will require "long-term hospitalization and physical therapy."

He said the tan-and-black mix has broken teeth from the cage she was kept in all the time, that she was trying to get out of, and her ribs are clearly visible from malnourishment. Salisbury ported good news Sunday, saying the pup is responding well to IV fluids and small meals.

Salisbury has set up a GoFundMe webpage to raise $5,000 for her care. As of Monday morning, donors had contributed more than $4,400.

Credit GoFundMe