North Tonawanda man charged with evading customs at Rainbow Bridge

Jul 23, 2020

Police in Niagara Falls, ON say they have charged a North Tonawanda man with driving across the border without stopping, then assaulting officers.

Harpreet Singh, 33, is facing multiple charges including impaired driving and possession of a controlled substance.

They say the incident happened Monday, when Singh crossed into Canada on the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls without stopping for Canadian border officers. Police say local officers on the U.S. side had tried to stop him because he was driving erratically, but he allegedly barrelled through the border crossing.

Niagara Regional Police officers caught up with Singh in Niagara Falls, ON, but he attempted to escape and eventually collided with a police cruiser, causing $8,000 in damage.

During his arrest, police say Singh assaulted officers, causing minor injuries, and they had to use a stun gun to subdue him. He was held in custody for a bail hearing, scheduled for Thursday in Niagara Falls.