Nursing lounge now open at the Buffalo airport

Nov 6, 2015

A new nursing lounge is available now available for mothers to feed their children while at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.

A comfortable private room is now available for nursing mothers at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

NFTA Executive Director, Kimberley Minkel says as a mother of two children, she knows how challenging it can be to find a private place for breastfeeding.

"This was a natural fit for the airport. With over five million people traveling in and out of the's a wonderful amenity that we can offer to nursing and working mothers," Minkel said.

The room is located near Gate 14. Amenities include a comfortable leather chair, a sink with running water, power outlets and a table.

"I meet new moms as they become new moms and one of the things that they often are scared about as they go back to work or they go out in public, they're concerned that they're not going to continue to be able to breastfeed because they don't have that opportunity," said pediatrician Dr. Stephen Turkovich, Women and Children's Hospital's Chief Medical Officer.

Turkovich says breastfeeding has numerous benefits including providing the best possible nutrition for infants, decreasing the chance of childhood illnesses, helping new mothers lose baby weight and improving the bond between mothers and their babies.

The BNIA is one of the first airports in the state to offer a lactation room for mothers.  Senator Tim Kennedy is pushing legislation requiring airports across New York to provide such rooms.