Ogilvie's future in Buffalo schools remains in doubt

Mar 23, 2015

The Buffalo School board's fighting continues. The situation could push out Interim Superintendent Donald Ogilvie before the board has settled on a replacement

Donlad Ogilvie remains as the interim Superintendent of Buffalo troubled school district.
Credit WBFO News File Photo

The school board is scheduled to start interviewing candidates this week for the post of deputy superintendent, in effect, an heir apparent, to Ogilvie when he leaves. Originally, he offered to stay for up to two-years.

But, on Friday, Board Member Carl Paladino told him to quit or be fired on Wednesday. The superintendent said he's leaving, although there is no date yet. Paladino apparently doesn't have the votes to fire Ogilvie.

Board Member Jay McCarthy said it's now really urgent to find that deputy superintendent.

"That's been the priority for a few weeks, if not longer, more, months now is to get somebody in there. Originally, it was to support Don but now that we know he's leaving it's someone to fulfill his role," McCarthy said.

There are people from outside the area applying for the job, although the majority of applicants are from inside the school system. 

Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore said never in his 30 years in the union post has he seen a school board expect the superintendent to jump when told to jump or be fired.

Paladino didn't return a phone call seeking comment from WBFO News.