In Olcott, the beach remains closed but residents press on

Aug 5, 2019

It was a hot day, with a blue sky and a very slight breeze and there were people in Olcott Beach and many children taking advantage of Carousel Park. But, there was no beach in Olcott because the water in Lake Ontario is so high.

Credit WBFO file photo

"Weather-wise, it's been nice. But, I think the businesses have been down," said Newfane Supervisor Timothy Horanburg.

"I know the Carousel has been down, substantially, and they think it's because the beach is closed."

For Headley's Boatyard owner Dave Headley, this has not been a good year.
"It's put 35 docks underwater that cannot be rented. And, the more water you got, the rougher it is. And, it's done a lot of erosion, compromised a lot of breakwalls on our interior walls in the harbor," said Headley of  the docks which were built by his great-grandfather a century ago. They were built for water of a specific depth and now the water is over those docks.

Just up Eighteen Mile Creek, Headley has 24-floating docks. He says those are fine.

Olcott has a small shopping mall in Lakeview Village.  Karen Young owns Gift Box at the Beach.

"We've had a few people asking where the beach is and we tell them where it was and where it would be if the water was not still so high. But, most of the people are still just enjoing themselves," Young said. 

"Luckily, we're able to refer them to the splash pad, which is, of course, open, for the little kids to cool off. Thankfully, we have that to send them all to."