Olcott cuts cost of dredging project

Jun 23, 2014

Niagara County's Town of Newfane needs to dredge its marina in Olcott. The project carries a high cost, one reduced after the town hired a dredger already slated to be in the area.

The marina is a significant tourism and dollar generator for the town.

Supervisor Timothy Horanburg says it's been a while since the area was dredged. Low water last year was already a problem when nearly two feet of sludge came down Eighteen Mile Creek.

"It was really big for some of the bigger boats. We just couldn't get them in there (the harbor)," Horanburg said.

Horanburg says the town was looking at a cost of $500,000 for the dredging. However, the town will benefit from help from the Army Corps of Engineers which is dredging two other harbors. He says the cost now will be around $120,000.