Olcott receives state aid for new fire truck

Feb 13, 2017

When a volunteer fire company in a small rural town is dire need of funding to replace an aging fire truck, snaring state funding is often essential.

The Niagara County hamlet of Olcott is receiving $130,000 through the state budget to replace a 15-year-old fire truck. The new heavy duty response truck will allow members to assist with ALS support in neighboring municipalities.

Members of the Olcott Volunteer Fire Company celebrated a $130,000 grant that will purchase a new vehicle for the organization.
Credit Stephen Miller

State Senator Robert Ortt attended the fire company’s annual installation ceremony last weekend when the announcement was made.

“There was genuine surprise, but I think there was also a genuine appreciation,” said Ortt, referring to the funding announcement. “You don’t get to do those all the time.”

Ortt, a North Tonawanda Republican, noted the rural communities rarely have the ability to finance six-figure expenditures.

State Senator Robert Ortt
Credit State Senator Robert Ortt

“They don’t have a paid department. These guys do the Lord’s work in a lot of ways. They are doing great work. They are out there volunteering their time. They deserve -- the residents and the firefighters --  deserve the best equipment they can get.”

The truck is expected to be up-and-running later this year.