Ontario college strike ends after 5 weeks

Nov 20, 2017

The Ontario government legislated college faculty back to work on Sunday, ending a five-week strike and paving the way for students to return to class Tuesday.

The Liberal government first attempted to introduce the bill Thursday evening, after restarted talks between the colleges and the faculty's union reached an impasse.

However, unanimous consent of all parties was needed and the NDP refused, leading the government to introduce the legislation Friday.

It was debated through special weekend sittings, in which the NDP argued it takes away workers' rights and only comes after the Liberals failed to bring the two sides together for five weeks.

Twelve-thousand professors, instructors, counselors and librarians have been on the picket line since Oct. 15 to protest the increasing use of contract and part-time workers.

Colleges will extend their semesters so that students will not lose their terms. However, student advocates say trying to condense five weeks of course material into two extra weeks will be stressful for students.

Around 500,000 students have been out of class since the strike began.