Ontario premier: 'Don't make plans for Easter'

Mar 31, 2021

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is warning people in his province to be prepared for another possible lockdown, as the coronavirus surges. Ford’s warning comes after a key scienitific adviser says the pandemic in Ontario is completely out of control.

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, which advises the government on the coronavirus, said the province is at a crucial point, with new cases reaching the same number they did at the height of the second wave. Dr. Peter Juni, the advisory group's scientific director, said there is no way out of the dire scenario that’s about to unfold without a widespread lockdown.


Ford he won’t hesitate to lock things down again if he has to.


"I’m extremely concerned on the situation that we’re seeing in the numbers going up. I’m also very concerned about seeing the age group, the younger people now in ICU’s," he said. "Everything’s on the table right now. So folks, I’m asking you don’t make plans for Easter."


Ontario recorded more than 2,300 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, the sixth consecutive day the numbers hit over 2,000. The latest analysis suggests variants of concern account for more than 65% of all infections in Ontario, with a 60% higher risk of hospitalization, double the risk of admission to intensive care and a more than 50% higher risk of death.