Opposition prompts hold on part of Elmwood Village project

Jan 26, 2017

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation's controversial Elmwood Village project is undergoing a "major shift." The Williamsville based company is pulling its demolition permits for the Arbor site, on the west side of Elmwood Avenue, between Potomac and Bidwell.

Ciminelli says, its decision to scale back the Arbor Reverie project is in response to public feedback. Plans for the buildings in the background are now on hold.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

The company's attorney, Adam Walters, says Ciminelli is reevaluating its plans for the proposed 4-story building due to community feedback, which he points out, was "getting pretty heated."

But Walters says work on the proposed Reverie building, north of Potomac Avenue, which includes demolishing the former JP Bullfeathers restaurant and five adjoining properties, will continue.
"Paul Ciminelli said, one of the things he hopes is that once Reverie is complete people will see that you can do really good redevelopment on Elmwood Avenue that contributes to the neighborhood. And hopefully that will make the Arbor process a little easier down the road," Walters said.

In response to significant community feedback, Walters said the Reverie has been downsized to 63 residential units and off-street parking has been increased to 129 spaces. He says work will continue as soon as City Hall signs off on the proposal.